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Alexander Technique in a corporate setting

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Dear Colleagues,

I am about to embark on a journey of creating an Alexander practice at a large corporation. Yes I am very excited !! I know that there are other teachers who are doing this but I cannot seem to find them!
I would like to ask questions about setting up a program...etc, etc.....So please respond if you have experience, advice or ideas!

Thank you!


  • I'm afraid I can't help much, Mary. My only advice would be to heed what was reported here:

    Specifically, "Six lessons followed by exercise prescription were nearly as effective as 24 lessons".

    I know this applied to back pain, and I'm not sure what the 'exercise prescription' was; but I think the statistic is worth bearing in mind, especially in a corporate context.

  • Mary,

    Here's a link that might be of interest:

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