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Hi all,

Has anyone ever had an OOBE? (out of body experience)

I was wondering how they may relate to the Alexander Technique.



  • I became interested in having an OBE well before I heard of the Alexander Technique, but nothing I've learned since becoming a student, and then a teacher, has helped in any way!

    I think OBEs require a very specific set of skills that need to be repeatedly practiced. Although some of those skills may be useful in the application of the Alexander Technique, others are not. Visualisation, for example, and sustained concentration - neither of which is of much use in the Alexander world - seem to be key componants of a successful OBE.

    I've found lucid dreams - which are, after all, little different from OBEs - much more accessible, requiring only an increase in awareness during the dream state. In fact, this increase in awareness while we are asleep bears a remarkable similarity to what is required while we are awake, if we want to incorporate the Technique into our lives.
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    yeah, lucid dreaming I've found becomes easier.
    They say "its not what you learn, its what you can unlearn."
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