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head going forward and up back lengthening and widening

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what is mean by exactly back lengthening and widening.
i think the head goes forward and up in relation to
the torso goes forward and up in relation to
the pelvis goes back and up in relation to
the knees goes forward and away from the pelvis

then the shoulders float at their balance location at the back of the torso.
is this correct or any modification needed.?????????????????????


  • Breathing through ribs+primary control

    ++release he ribs with forward and up while breathing

    Static thinking: while your body follows the head up the arms lengthen

    Allow your whole body follows the upward direction of your head

    Dynamic activity thinking

    (Thinking in activity)

    While move my head forward and up when I move head side to side up and down and back

    I will lean forwad by lengthening upward while leaning

    Brushing ,handling the ckild with primary control in motion ,running,going to stais

    Easing upward knees bend while making ironing, raising and forwarding the hand with out chin jut and head pulled down

    Hips forward head down is awkward position

    While getting up I wont throw the chest forward ,and I will lengthen my back pelvis forward and down and I will not throw the hips forward and I will will release the knees

    Upward direction: in motion only

    The head goes forward and up

    The torso goes up from the hips

    With every act event we can consciously move the head upward body follows


    Alexander encouraged the thinking of undoing of bad processes

    For your experiment take the posture of your entire body at the infront of yours infront of the computers system in your office

    And think the Alexander primary direction with your body. 4 direction and apply it to permanent mental image

    So that that stimulus programmed permanently in your somatic nervous system)

    ++++you should also think the static image of feet flat on the ground and edge sitting of the chair stomach released + sitting bones on the floor +primary control with good breathing

    (With out this I observed some burning sensation of the body)

    * I will raise from the bed in the morning by moving side ways as in semi supine prevents me from shock
    * I will sleep left hand on waist and right hand straight head forward and up

    * While walking I will leave my pelvis behind my legs
    * I will leave my torso behind my head while walking
    * As the leg going forward I will leave the hip behind

    Use of the self

    The people must be able to think and put into practice more than one thing at a time

    When real conscious control has been obtained a habit need never become fixed


    The head goes forward and up in relation to

    The torso going back and up in relation to

    The legs going to forward and down

    Leland walking

    * My movement of knee peal my foot out of the follor
    * Avoid tightening the back of theneck
    * I wont put the second foot too fast
    * I will think about the standing leg
    * Will leave my pelvis over y standing foot
    * Let my foot hang over m rising knee

    What is relaxation

    Non doing any thing

    Nondoing vs doing

    Inhibiting: pausing a relaxation script at the precise moment that you are likely to tense up

    Relaxation script

    Zip and hallow

    Questions : (observe for every activity)

    What is the neck is doing when I speak

    What the neck is doing when I move hand leg open moutj breath eat

    What the neck is doing when I walk act


    Pull to the elbow pelvic crest back and up

    The doing of the pelvis crest with tension back pulls back the head and the neck is in tension

    You should observe what is the doing happening in the body

    The tightening of the stomach muscles always unknowingly is the doing

    You have chronic doing of the stomach muscles tightening pulling back

    (The above is habitual undue tension)

    · your whole body muscle not weakened)some muscles are with over contracted with flaccidity ( tension 10)

    · some muscle areas are with minimum tension (total flaccidity or minimum tension-0)

    · may be the above is due to trigger therapy

    · some thigh muscles and hand muscles infected

    bad habits

    1. pulling the head back—the head goes forward and up the back lengthen and widens

    2. sticking up the chest
    3. pulling back the shoulder
    4. pulling up the tail and arching the lower back—please release the lumbar contractions

    5. and pulling the knees back

    6. all above are movement related


    Observe the experience of pelvis leading the head leading with

    Head leading first

    pelvic crest

    * back and down-------slumped
    * back and up---natural lumbar curve

    Bad habits

    Pulling up from the back

    Pushing up from the chest

    * Contracting the back and slumping both interferes free use of arms vice versa
    * Habitual misuse of arm interferes head/nek /back relationship

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