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MRCP II MADE EASY is a book written by a Harvard trained Physician who is also a Member of the Royal College of Physicians London (MRCP ). I stumbled across it in the DO( Osteopathy ) library on my way to Soho for lunch. I am a patient with Fibromyalgia and was astounded by his description of posture and the mental effect of the Alexander technique ( which he did not describe by name ). Lyrica is expensive and the NHS does not supply it for my debilitating back and neck pain although I am relatively youngish. The novel is a series of ( case histories ) intertwined with medical facts for the layman and professionals like us. It is written in the style of Critchton, Frank Herbert and Robin Cook.
My husband who is a musician loves it as well as my two kids as each story is like a series of House MD. He describes the FRMI ( long before SALT ) and the importance of mindfulness in one's posture as well as the fact that the human body can pharmaceutically synthesize all the drugs needed on an organic basis. I hope that this is helpful and supportive of a field which has the patronage of The Prince of Wales.
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