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Become ambidextrous?

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I was wondering if it would be seen to be beneficial to learn to become ambidextrous in the quest to be 'balanced'?
Is there any mention of this in AT?
Im right-handed but have learnt to use the mouse left-handed when a few years ago i started getting aches and pains in my right arm. I was thinking about trying to take this further with writing etc.


  • doddod
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    I used to think this about playing tennis. I'm right handed and the twists and turns, especially when serving, seemed very unbalanced. It was just too frustrating to do more than think about, though. I did try playing left handed badminton for a while, but again, the frustration of knowing I could already play so much better with my dominant hand brought the trial to an end.

    I'm sure if I had been determined enough it could have worked well. I find it interesting that when driving aboard - I live in England, and drive on the left - I very quickly adapt to my left hand doing what my right was used to with the steering wheel, and my right taking over from my left on the gear stick.

    I think writing with the non dominant hand would be particularly difficult, when you consider the stresses and strains children go through to learn to write in the first place - although, interestingly, at Christmas, we got sent sample cards by 'foot and mouth' artists who had lost the use of both hands and had taught themselves to draw and paint using other parts of their bodies to grip the crayons and brushes, which shows just how adaptable humans can be.
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