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Articles and Lectures - ISBN 0952557460 - Alexander, F. Matthias

edited July 2007 in Learning
A compilation of articles, published letters and lectures on the Technique. It contains 16 articles and letters written before Man's Supreme Inheritance (1910), six letters published between 1924 and 1948, three lectures (of which two are reported almost verbatim) given between 1925 and 1949, "teaching aphorisms" - observations and instructions from lessons, a forward and a chapter for an unfinished book, "Alexander and the Doctors" and an autobiographical sketch covering Alexander's first 35 years. Each paper is preceded by an introduction which gives the historical context. Additional material includes a foreword by Walter Carrington, 90 pages of notes with references, 5 facsimiles, a chronology of Alexander's writings and two appendices.

Additional Information:

- It would be great if there were some comments from those who read the articles.

- It would be even better if some of the articles could be translated in other languages.
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