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Alexander Technique and footwear

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Esther here, I'm new to this forum. I've been interested in Alexander technique for a while since a friend recommended it to me. I'm buying some shoes for aerobics, and remembered my friend telling me that it's not a good idea to wear shoes that are raised up to support the bridge of the foot. Have I got that right? Why is this? Most shoes for aerobics I see have this feature.

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    Hello Esther,

    There are no hard and fast rules concerning footwear. I prefer going barefoot or wearing flip-flops; but that's hardly practical for aerobics. For an interesting take, check out this:

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    Thanks for your reply, I've had a look at the site, looks interesting. They said that because of all the side to side movement, their shoes aren't suitable for aerobics. I'd still be interested in a pair for walking though.

    Bye for now
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