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I've set this forum up for anyone and everyone interested in the Alexander Technique to be able to visit, read what others have said, ask questions if they like, comment on something if they want, and generally feel free to contribute or browse regardless of their level of expertise or experience. This is a forum for complete beginners as much as teachers of many years standing.

I think it's important to remember that while there are 'right' responses to objective questions such as 'how long does it take to train to be a teacher' or 'are there any teachers in Moscow', there are only opinions, informed or otherwise, as to 'how to direct' or 'does the Technique help with lumbago' and I would encourage everyone, no matter what their qualifications might appear to be, to speak their mind.

Opinions don't have to be 'new'. If you have something you've written elsewhere about the Alexander Technique and would like to make it public, for others to read or make comments on, go ahead and post it. Also, please add details of any events, seminars, workshops, teaching exchanges, etc, you might be organising or have heard of.

Feel free to add any site or sites you know of to the links section. If you have a comment to make concerning an existing link, go ahead and make it.

Forums and email groups can become confrontational. Usually, this is a case of a tiny minority alienating the majority. In my view, there is a clear dividing line between vigorous debate and what amounts to a slanging match. Crossing that line, posts that have no connection with the Technique and, of course, junk, are all I will endeavour to moderate.


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    alexander technique aim:

    the spine should be in natural curve mainitaining the four curves of the spine.( for maintaining the breath naturally)

    1)for maintaining that curve at cervical spine the head should go forward and up. other wise the cervical spine compresses.
    2)to maintain the thoracic curve natural the shoulders should release out to the side
    3) for maintaining the lumbar curve natural the chest should supported by the stomach, the legs release away from the hips. then the lumbar, sacrum curve releases.

    secondary :

    the torso should be supported by the sitting bones when sitting.

    the torso should be support by the ground with foot and talus maintaining the balance point when standing
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