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  • yeah, lucid dreaming I've found becomes easier. They say "its not what you learn, its what you can unlearn."
    in AT & OOBE Comment by Matty30 April 2011
  • learning from a book?...mm... probably pretty impossible really unfortunately what did you do to hurt yourself? to answer your question 'no' it should never be painful. unlike alot of 'no pain, no gain' activities/exercies, AT is more 'pain? no gai…
  • Yes, he'd been meditating for 20 years+ but had no idea how to combat back pain. I've seen videos on youtube of buddhists with truly dreadful posture which did make me wonder the effects of it on the body.
  • which interview was that? "moving meditation" is bareable, the "westerners" bit sounds like bit of dig! i did joke with a buddhist friend once that meditation is a 'poor man's alexander' which made him laugh. actually i did reco…
  • yes, its great no longer suffering from this. certainly makes life more enjoyable! cheers
  • Looking back this thread, im pleased to say these problems are behind me. Ive read some other mind-body techniques see the energy the same as sexual energy. Does Alexander Technique teachers ever consider the energy they are working with is actually…
  • yeah, I do think the idea of a weekend course is a good one though. It would make it possible for alot people to keep their day jobs/original careers whilst doing the course. There is a PAAT one in Birmingham which is 4 years - every Thursday & …
  • You can guess all you like, but guesses get us nowhere. Guessing is not preferable to scientific investigation. Well, its not a guess, it's a fact FOR ME because it's from my own personal experience- the key to my bad use was because of physiologic…
  • Thanks for that, just to clarify as well, the second part of the question was also about the alexander technique, whether the alexander technique teachers teach AT to their kids.
  • p.s when i say start learning, I mean learning the alexander technique.
  • Surely if there is a "single 'key' to good or bad use", its physiological - fears, stresses. I would guess it would be fears/stresses that cause the poor cranial development in the first place, no matter how young it develops.
  • Im kinda tempted in getting a pair of these pinhole 'Eyebody' glasses. Until reading this thread had never heard of the Eyebody Method- Im presuming the 'method' is basically the Alexander Techique whilst wearing the pinhole glasses? In the past Ive…
    in Eyebody Comment by Matty30 April 2009
  • I found Pilates really painful but AT brilliant so I stopped Pilates a long time ago- no intention ever to do again!
  • One more thing related to machines: What do AT teachers make of 'Electro Muscle Stimulators'- you know those pads that tone your body? they look very tempting but Ive never brought any!
    in Wii fit Comment by Matty30 April 2009
  • There are devices/software called Biofeedback out there that do tell when things are going wrong. They measure EMG muscle tension, muscle release, blood pressure etc - kind of like lie detector test technology. I know a little about biofeedback bec…
    in Wii fit Comment by Matty30 April 2009
  • Thanks for both of those very useful comments. Initally, when Nicholas said he had not come across this problem before I was abit surprised and disappointed. I had always assumed most men would noticed this feeling whilst learning the technique. Of…
  • Yes, sorry, just checked the dictionary and 'sagging' was not the right word. I was trying the tightness effects my muscles in general and lasts for awhile.