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Dizzy (during session)

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Halfway through my first AT session, while holding a pose half-sitting I nearly
fainted, had the sensation of blacking out preceded by a long moment of nausea.
We took a rest, I got flushed and began a cold sweat. Ok, I was freaked. My
teacher was surprised and said it was odd for a young person in good physical
shape and health to experience this but said not to worry, that it sometimes

Anyone ever have this happen before?


  • This is very common. There's no one explanation for why it occurs, and it doesn't seem to matter how old or young a student is, how healthy or 'balanced' they are - it simply happens.

    I imagine it has to do with the inner ear and some form of recalibration of what constitutes 'normal' use. This could happen with even the slightest move away from a person's habitual state, and is most likely to occur when a teacher is guiding a student. I would only start worrying if it happened repeatedly.

    Having said that, "Holding a pose half sitting" does sounds as if it could conceivably have affected blood supply, generally.

    These are only my views. I'm afraid I have no authoritative answer, although I'm sure you have little cause for concern.
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