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Learning Alexander Technique on my own. Need some tips.

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I want to improve my posture and I heard the Alexander Technique is very good for this. I read a little on the internet and apparently it's very hard to apply AT on yourself, but that's my only option because there are no teachers where I live.
What do you think, can I learn it by myself?
I want to buy this book ( the page is in Romanian, the book's entitled "Healing healing through the Alexander Technique", and the author is Richard Brennan . Have you heard of it, can you recommend it?

Do you know any other way to improve my posture easier?



  • doddod
    edited March 2008

    You could try here:

    Or here:

    (Go to the library link.)

    Or here:

    The Technique is hard to learn on your own; but so are most things!

    Good luck,

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