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Hello Angel,

We've had to change the software due to phenomenal numbers of drug sellers, sex crazies, ring tone enthusiasts, etc, clogging up the old membership mechanism. So now, the best and easiest way to follow discussions is for every individual to go to his or her "Account Options" and then "Notification" and click in one or both boxes. That way they'll be advised by email when new posts appear.

With this software, I'm not aware of there being a 'global default'.



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    Anyone else have suggestions to improve this forum?

    If I may make a suggestion which helps people to remember to come back to the forum and read what has been posted here.

    To do that, you can change your preferences (under Profile, in the bottom striped areas) to receive email reminders and also leave the check mark when you write into a post which says, just below the writing box, "notify me when a reply is posted."

    That's how you can set it up to get an email to remind you to come back to this forum when someone replies so you can also see other posts that may have been added since.

    Hey, maybe those features should be the default, Dod?
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    I don't really know what it is in that page that you could change using the software. My suggestion below may work just on the chance it works on your form page the same way. If it doesn't, you can look at the html example and the html code for your form page side by side. Look for where the code is that shows when something is selected by default. Then you'd copy that part of the form code to make what you want be selected by default.

    Here's a form I use in html. You'll have to see if there is something in common with this example below, by changing the value on your form page, and then saving in another file and opening the page again to see if that section is already checked by default.

    For instance:

    <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="Movies I like"
    VALUE="Science Fiction">Science Fiction<BR>

    <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="Movies I like" VALUE="Romance"

    What it would look like on the webpage is that the item on the list "Romance" would be already checked off by default. The other item (Science Fiction) doesn't have a check. On the form page you could uncheck the romance one, or change the location of the check, or check them both because of the kind of form it is.

    To do this on your page, you'd add the part called "CHECKED" in a similar location. That is, after VALUE="whateveritscalled"CHECKED>(the quote marks) and before the >sign.

    This is from a handy site called response-o-matic that I use to convey form content off my website to send it to my email. Just so you don't think I'm a form wizard, I'm just following that site's excellent instructions on how to alter the form to my own purposes.
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    I'm enjoying the site so far. Its not overly complicated which I appreciate.
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    cool - glad you like it!
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